INFIT: what I wear at home

Dress: Etam
Moccasin: Etam
Leggings: H&M

The weather is getting cold and we all spend more time at home: so I thought  why not share my indoor outfits alias INFITS?!  
From now on you can follow what I wear at home!
After all we fashion bloggers are stylish even when we clean or cook or simply watch TV on the couch, aren`t we? :)

Oysho, Etam, Womens`s Secret, Hunkemuller are some of my favourite brands when it comes to comfortable indoor outfits. Today I was wearing a checked shirt and indoor mocassin from Etam and leggings from H&M. 

I am really curious what do you think about this post!?
Let me know your opinion about this idea and about the infit I wore today!

What is your favourite brand? :)



Do you remember my wishlist I posted in September? 

Well, I could`t stick to it 100% but I was close to it.  I was looking for that Kenzo sweater but it turned out it was out of stock and I wanted those New Balance but I could`t find my size. I was running from one shop to another in Trier to find my size when I finally bumped into this pair of black&grey NB. It was the last pair..huh! 
Still, I was a little bit disappointed that I missed that sweater,  until I went to the KENZOxSMETS Party and I saw the new limited edition! 
Then it all came together: grey sweater with black&grey sneakers.
Isn`t it a cool combination? 
Oh and I found exactly that tone of blue jeans I was missing, in Mango. 
Now that the wishlist is complete (except the Micheal Kors bag) it is time to make another one. :)

Jacket: Benetton
Sweater: Kenzo
Jeans: Mango
Socks: H&M
Sneakers: New Balance
Bag: Promod

Photos made in Antwep by JJ

Let me know your opinion about this outfit! 

What is on your autumn wish list this autumn/winter?



After the launch party of the 1st edition of Janette Magazine and its success the Janette team organised another event in collaboration with Courrèges to celebrate the 2nd issue and re-discover the Courrège perfumes. 
Anne-Louise Gautier professional perfumer came from Paris to introduce these wonderful fragrancies. My favourite was the `Blanc` perfume with the scent of Iris. 
This was the first time I visited this store and I have to admit that I love the purist line this brand represents. The boutique in Luxembourg is very nice and modern.  It was a very pleasant place for an after-work fashion get-togheter, where I met my blogger girls and other nice fashion loving people. 
Thank you Emilie for the invitation; Johanna, for hosting this party and for all the information about the brand & Anne for the perfume presentation!

I can`t wait for the next Janette event!

Have you ever tried Courrèges perfumes? If yes which one is your favourite?


Betty`s Insta Channel

October - Week #42

- I tried a new Twining: Green tea with rose&mint flavour
- I bought some roses... roses are always a good idea, aren`t they? :)

- I improvised chiese fried rice with in a kind of what can I find in the fridge moment. It actually came out well and is noted in my "Improvisations" cook book. :)

 - I re-started French courses. Voilà!  :)

 - I attended SMETSxKENZO Luxury Underground Party. For more photos click here.

- This was my outfit.

- My business card arrived and I love them!  

- Le Petit Déjeuner 

- Went to Chi Chi`s on Saturday! It was really hot! :) 

- I wouldn`t mind if Indian summer lasted longer (maybe a month or two)! :)

- We had a walk with Kiki in the city center. More photos here.

And of course I was blogging. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Don`t forget to follow me on Instagram @bettyfashionlounge.

How was your week?


Indian summer

Top: Bershka / Jeans: H&M /Sneakes: New Balance /Bag: P...S...Fashion

I love Indian Summer, the last warm days in October when you can still go for a walk in a light outfit before the weather turns chilly. This Saturday was one of these beautiful days, so we took Kiki for a walk in the city centre  I wanted to keep my outfit very casual and simple: I put on a pair of tight black jeans, a burgundy t-shirt and my current favourite sneakers.  Sometimes less is more. In autumn I love to wear burgundy, starting from clothes to makeup and accessories..

What are your favourite colours in autumn?


KENZO x SMETS Underground Party

The Sweater

Dress: Bershka /Jacket: Benetton/ Sneakes: New Balance/ Bag: P...S...Fashion

Outfit photos by Albert GN, merci!

Xare came straight from Paris to perform Live Painting.

Corvette Stingray Preview

Blogger photochain :)

DJ Roy De Marco

Dunkin Donuts

Even bloggers get hungry :)

Graffiti Exhibition › October 11th - October 25th

Going to the LUXURY UNDERGROUND Party at SMETS was a great idea! It brought so much colour  to a rainy Thursday evening in Luxembourg! It was time to discover the FW14 Sneakers Preview & Limited Edition Kenzo Sweater exclusively designed for SMETS. 

For this occasion I wore a mini black dress with studs (Bershka) which I combined with sneakers (New Balance) and down jacket (Benetton). The P...S...Fashion bag was a perfect match for this outfit and party. I choose it because of it graffiti-like pattern. 

Xare (street artist) came straight from Paris to perform Live Painting. I went back time-to-time to check how his graffiti is taking shape. It was amazing to see how he filled in a huge blank paper in less than 3 hours. 

Meanwhile DJ Roy De Marco was mixing the music and the HipHop Danzchoul entertained us with some freestyle dance. The car lovers could check out the new Autopolis Cadillac ATS coupé & Corvette Stingray.

No one stayed hungry thanks to Dunkin Donuts. The donuts were queuing up like soldiers and it was hard to resist not to try all those colours ! :) Plus there were also other bites, like chips&popcorn&Bargello ice-cream. 

I met some of the blogger girls at the party: Carmen, Emilie and Imena and we took many photos as usual. 

I am looking forward to the next SMETS party! They are the BEST! 

Hope you will join too! 

By the way, what do you think of my outfit choice? :)


Blogger meeting @Chocolate House

Sweater: Zara/ Jeans: Mango / Sneakes: New Balance / Bag: Promod / Necklace: P...S...Fashion

It was a very nice day for another blogger_lu meeting in the Chocolate House. Okay, the weather was too hot for a hot chocolate, but we didn`t know, that we will have a warm and sunny Saturday. The Chocolate House was full as always but they were nice to accept our reservation, so we had our own blogger corner. If I drank a hot chocolate it would have been the chilly flavour - my favourite one - but this time I choose their cappuccino. I decided to wearsomething casual like jeans&sweater&sneakers, as we met in the afternoon this time. After the meeting we took some photos with Imena

It was nice to meet you all again,  à la prochaine!